Here’s Lucy Our Perfect Tween

We had such a fun session with Lucy, we’ve been photographing her since she was a 10 days old baby.  Lucy always impresses us with her playfulness and sophistication, as you can see this Tween really knows how to work the camera!  

I also wanted to mention how this is such an important and often overlooked time to have your child photographed.  Being photographed at this time can make your Tween feel good about themselves and give them the confidence they need as they enter their teens. 

A priceless time, so document it!  

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Sweet Dreams Portrait Session

This is a studio set I designed for my “Sweet Dreams” portrait sessions.  My inspiration was a child’s nursery.  I hand painted backdrop panel. added a little picket fence, some cuddly stuffed animals and had a good friend make these adorable dress’s using vintage pillow cases.  This is a session like no other, perfect for a child’s room or a picture book album.  It’s so soft and sweet and works best with children from nine months to four years.  It also works for little boys.  Instead of a pillow case dress I have an adorable pair of draw string pants and wooden blocks and sail boats.  Coming next I’ll show you how beautifully these photos turn into pastel watercolor pieces of art work.

“A DS Heinz Signature Portrait”.

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Enhance Your Image With A New Background!

Sometimes when photographing the background and clothing just don’t complement each other.  A background should not dominate the portrait but it should also not drag it down.  If after a portrait session you have a image with a dynamite expression and a lack luster background one way to save the image is to mask out the background and select a new image background.  You can make your own background images by photographing something with texture or purchase background images on line.

Below is an example of a little boy with the sweetest expression and a background that’s pretty boring and does not enhance the image.

In the same image below you can see how the deeper background color has enhance and added depth to the picture of the little boy.

One way to replace the background is in Photoshop or with your photo editing software of choice.  To do this: make a copy of you’re portrait image and carefully make a mask of the area you want to replace and delete it.  Select and copy an image you want as the background and paste it into your first image as a layer (you may have to re-size the background to fit).   The next step is to move your portrait image copy and place it on top of the background image.  If you have some of the original background showing make a new layer mask (it should be white) and with a black brush at 100% paint away the unwanted background.  When you’re satisfied with the result merge your layers and save as a copy or with a new name just in case you want to go back to the original.

Picture Perfect!

In October we were commissioned to create a wall portrait for a Christmas present.  We knew they wanted a formal portrait of their 1yr and 3 yr old girls to give to the grandparents as a special present.  They also wanted it on canvas and looking more like a painting than a photograph.

We had a session that was pretty typical given the ages we were working with.  They were both perfect when they were being photographed alone but when put together the fun began.  I know the parents left feeling they didn’t get that perfect picture they so wanted and they were right.

Determined to give them what they wanted,I chose an image of each child that I could merge together to achieve that picture perfect portrait.  I had to knock out the background, flip and re-size the image of the baby before merging with the other image.

The result worked out beautifully!  Below is the merged image of the two adorable little girls.

I went on to finish the portrait in Corel Painter software to give it a painted look.  Below is a close up of the detail.  (For finished piece see first image)

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Check Out What is New at DS Heinz Art Photography!

We are so excited to offer personalized photo jewelry at our studio.  I’ve been wanting to add jewelry for some time now and finally found the quality and style that matches the quality of our studio.  This superior jewelry is designed to be worn anywhere and any time.  A great Christmas gift for mothers and grandmothers!  Call now and order this lovely keepsake (608) 271-9646!

A Session with Faith!

We had a fantastic session with 7 month old Faith.  She is as cute as a button and has the sweetest personality to go with it.  We photographed Faith’s parents Tony & Geri (6) years ago and had the honor of taking Faiths first professional portraits.

When only the best will do!